When Did Dry Needling Start As A Therapy?

When is dry needling used in Officer?
It is used for injecting substances into the body. It is like a hybrid between acupuncture and injection. The needles are hollow therefore they can contain solutions. The process is the same as acupuncture where the needles are struck to certain parts of the body. It is said that this procedure is used to relieve pain especially the ones relating to the muscles and the tissues. The points in the body where the needles are struck are said to be the trigger points where pain originates. Therefore, the pain relief is faster because the roots are being treated first.

Today, this medical procedure is being used in several countries which include Australia, South Africa, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Other places like Australia and Switzerland have also started to embrace the practice. However, in some places like the Georgia, Kentucky and other states of America, only a handful of physical therapists in Officer are allowed to practice dry needling. This medical procedure is quite new to the medical world therefore not every area on earth knows how to do it.

Also, dry needling Officer is still highly debatable whether it should be seen as a new medical procedure or just a mere sub-part of acupuncture. Some physicians suggest that medical professionals should be able to practice this procedure because it is part of chiropractic methods where the cause of the problem is the main issue. However, there are acupuncturists who insist that only people with the knowledge and license in acupuncture should administer this treatment because it is highly technical and difficult.

The doctors will then argue that the dry needling points are not similar to acupuncture points. Therefore, they should not always be related to each other.
People still have their doubts on Officer dry needling. However, if you are asking whether it is safe or not, the answer is YES. It is safe as long as it is administered properly and if the needles are always sterilized. Only professionals should do it. The treatment is usually done once a week until the muscles are back to their normal state. Bruising may occur during the treatment, but that is normal. There are still many things to learn about Officer dry needling, but it surely is a promising medical procedure. For more information about dry needling Officer, consult a dry needling specialist who may be an osteopath or a physiotherapist.